The warm and inviting Murray Hill sets out to strike a balance, primarily between a mellow residential atmosphere and an active nightlife scene. While few restaurants stand apart from the crowd, the neighborhood is dotted with plenty of small and simple bagel shops, cafes and eateries, and an especially appreciated selection of Indian restaurants (yielding the fond nickname "Curry Hill"), as well as Korean noodle shops.

Though there is plenty to do after work hours, the neighborhood retains a quietude during the day, especially in comparison to Manhattan’s Lower East Side where the activity never ends. And, as no New York City neighborhood is without its park, Bryant Park overlooked by the New York Public Library offers the perfect venue for any day.


Historically, in the early 1900s, Murray Hill stood as one of Manhattan’s most upscale neighborhoods, its gorgeous brownstones occupies by wealthy New Yorkers. Over the course of the following century, the neighborhood became more affordable as these wealthy constituents traveled farther north, leaving an active nightlife and diverse dining scene in their wake. Aside from row brick houses still in tact after two centuries, the neighborhood includes Piermont Morgan Library and Museum, once J.P. Morgan’s brownstone mansion – another elegant area treasure and reminder of its past.


A daytime stroll to the East River is always an option to escape the bustle of midtown Manhattan, and a plethora of convenient transportation make travel throughout the city a cinch. Bounded by Madison Avenue to the west, 42nd Street to the north, the East River to the east and 34th Street to the south, Murray Hill remains connected to the rest of Manhattan through various subway stops, plus the beautiful Grand Central Station.

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