For some, Greenpoint has it all. Situated on the East River, the neighborhood honors its industrial past while welcoming a constant influx of young eateries and markets.

Once a stronghold for shipbuilding, glasswork and pencil manufacturing, the area now hosts a dynamic arts scene led by artists and creatives. And the neighborhood is not to be overlooked in the face of Brooklyn's pop-culture relevance; Greenpoint served as both the setting for HBO's Girls as well as the backdrop for many magazine photoshoots.

With many friendly cafes, bars with outdoor seating and bodegas that stay open late for ultimate convenience, Greenpoint is a place where residents greet shop owners by name on a daily basis. This personal connection facilitates the mingling between the longstanding Polish population and the area’s newer artistic groups.

One neighborhood favorite is WORD, an independent book shop that frequently invites up-and-coming authors for readings, talks and craft workshops. Also notable are Spritzenhaus, a beer hall serving over one hundred craft brews; The Gutter, an old-school bowling alley that doubles as a bar and live-music venue; and Warsaw at the Polish National Home, a community center turned popular concert venue. McCarren Park makes for a lovely green area, offering a constant rotation of kickball, baseball and soccer pick-up games.


Dating back to the 19th century, Greenpoint stood as an industrial maritime neighborhood, where Polish and Irish immigrants settled in large constituents. Like many Brooklyn neighborhoods before it, however, the area has slowly but surely shied away from its industrial roots to welcome a burgeoning creative scene.


Though Midtown East is clearly visible from Greenpoint’s Manhattan Avenue, transportation into the city isn’t easier said than done. Only one subway line, the G train, graces Greenpoint. Other commuters access the East River ferry line for a trip into the Big Apple, and one that packs quite the view on the way.

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