Encompassing only 92 acres of land, Battery Park City sits quietly along the Hudson River just west of the highway (West Street), from Chambers Street down to Battery Park itself. The neighborhood may not be a city of its own volition, but it certainly is independent of New York City in more ways than one. The neighborhood is more of a secluded reprieve from the city's hustle and bustle than a part of it; with five public parks, clean streets, luxury condos and a significant population dedicated to active outdoor activities. With the Financial District's many transportation hubs, shopping at the Oculus and museums around One World Trade within reach, the area definitely offers a full residential experience.


Battery Park City is one of the newest and sought-after neighborhoods of New York. Originally conceived in the 1960s as an urban revitalization plan, it was not until 1979 that architects and city planners brought to life what became the current vision for the area. BPC began simply as a landfill for the original World Trade Center; however the area received a great deal of support from the Battery Park Conservancy and Battery Park City Authority after the events of 9/11. At the time, nearly two thirds of its residents vacated, but BPC has since experienced tremendous growth in new developments as well as in residents flocking to the area.


Like an island unto itself, Battery Park City offers beautiful waterfront views, green spaces and winding paths nestled among towering full-service buildings, shops and restaurants that offer every type of fare. Though often associated with the Financial District, the unique oasis lies beyond that neighborhood’s busy pace and the buzz of the nearby highway.

Instead, BPC’s residents enjoy comfortably-sized apartments housed in buildings that often feature doormen, elevators, outdoor space and parking, among other enticing amenities. Each path within BPC leads to something special, whether it be a recreational area, an adjacent building, a place of commerce (including a large mall and a multiplex cinema) or its namesake park.

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